Sealcoating Your Parking Lot

Greenville Maintenance Services Inc. provides a scheduled program of pavement maintenance to extend the life and curb appeal of your parking lot. The heart of an effective pavement maintenance program includes periodic sealcoating with an asphalt or coal tar based emulsion pavement sealer. We use premium quality pavement sealers – a proven worldwide leader in the pavement maintenance industry for over 30 years.

Sealcoating beautifies and protects asphalt pavement for a fraction of the cost to resurface with new asphalt.

Prevents Oxidation

Asphalt pavement is made up of asphalt binder and rock. Almost immediately after paving, the asphalt binder combines with oxygen and becomes brittle or oxidized, leading to cracking and deterioration. Sealcoating protects against oxidation.

Stop Weather Damage

An unsealed pavement allows water to penetrate into and through the pavement structure leading to base erosion, freeze thaw damage and ultimate pavement failure. Sealcoating provides a protective barrier to stop water penetration.

Protection from Oil and Gas Spills

Left unsealed, oil and gasoline will soften and deteriorate the exposed asphalt binder. Sealcoating provides a protective barrier that resists attack from oil and gasoline.

Quality Assured

Solutions for all your pavement maintenance needs.

Crack Filling – Seals out damaging moisture that can erode base material.

Pothole Repair – Removing areas of asphalt failure and replacing with good base and hot asphalt.

Sealcoating – Seals out the damaging effects of oxidation and the elements, greatly extending the service life of the pavement while enhancing the appearance.

Traffic Marking – Long-lasting traffic marking using 100% acrylic traffic paints.

Why use Greenville Maintenance Services, Inc.?

  • Dependable – we’ve been in business since 1993.
  • Locally Owned and Operated – we’re right here to meet your needs.
  • Superior Products – we use premium quality sealers and products.
  • Mix – we mix precisely by  specifications.
  • Additives – we use sealer additive for outstanding toughness and a blacker finish.
  • Two Coats Applied – with proper drying time between coats.
  • Professional Striping – using high traffic grade 100% acrylic paint.
  • Competitive Pricing

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